Saturday, April 16, 2011

October 7, 2010 Huck & Kat Mulvaney

Huck should change his name back to Jay. There is only one Huck and that's Huck Finn. He held his guitar as if it were a machine gun. His style was rhythmical, consistently upbeat and enjoyable. He potentially has a terrific voice, but often mumbled rather than used his full range. He was entertaining, full of sweat and grit, but seemed trapped in his style of playing.  He should be careful not to insult his audience who fortunately for him remained thick skinned and reserved even when he was not.

Kat Mulvaney reminded me of Rachel Griffin. If you closed your eyes, the two were one and the same, right down to her religious sensibilities and sexual adventurousness. However, her songs were sophisticated and didn't drift into bubblegum and flowery lyrics as Rachel sometimes does. She was an exceptional guitarist and her a capella number showed the full range of her voice and her courage as a performer. Unlike Huck, who sweated profusely, she remained surprisingly cool. Berklee seems to be teaching a particular musical style and voicing that becomes more apparent with each listening to yet another Berklee grad.

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