Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 5, 2009 Edie Carey

Edie Carey performed at Acoustic Long Island. If you closed your eyes, her speaking voice was that of Lucy Kaplansky and her singing voice that of Dar Williams with its lilting tone rising and falling in a sweet cadence. However, her songs were a hundred percent her own—original, warm, and sincere. The audience felt not only her love of music and the life of a musician “in the indie underground” as she put it, but a sincerity that came through every song. Each song was a love letter to someone about something that mattered. While no particular song had that wow factor that everyone dreams of, her songs were the expression of life given over to contemplation and reflection. One of her songs dealt with 9/11 as part of the timeline continuum of life. Ironically, Lucy Kaplansky has written a song about 9/11, but Lucy’s is pedantic and overreaches while Edy Carey’s song is subtle and profound.  

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