Saturday, April 16, 2011

January 7, 2010 Newland and Miller, Chris Ayer

Newland and Miller, who have graced the open mikes, returned to Deepwells to ring in the New Year. With their Seal and Croft like harmonies they sang of love and loss, a disappointment. They bring with them a kind of purity of heart and soul that pervades each song and calls on the audience to listen to their higher selves even when they’re singing about darker subjects.

Chris Ayer returned to Acoustic Long Island for the third time after traveling throughout the UK. Like a young wine that gets better each time, he brought with him a kind of energy and spirit that makes you appreciate what real talent is and why he is an Acoustic Long Island favorite. His guitar playing—a clear fluid use of jazz chords and alternative tunings; his song lyrics—complex, rich and intelligent; and his singing—cool, clear and in perfect pitch—all blend together in a masterful mix. Chris sang three songs from his first album—We are Birds, Evaporate and Confidant—each promises to become a classic when Chris finally connects with a larger audience. A Star Fish in the Front Yard and ROY G BIV both promise to be right up there in the Chris Ayer pantheon.

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