Saturday, April 16, 2011

July 9, 2009 Leslie Mendelson

Leslie Mendelson gave a wonderful at Acoustic Long Island. She remained cool, calm, and relaxed and didn’t break a sweat under the hot lights and the blistering summer heat even with that Prussian Jacket on. Her songs had heart and soul and resonated with true emotion. I thought the song Rest of London will remain apart of her pantheon of songs for a lifetime. Even her Melanie song Brand new roller skates, was a perfect fit for her, considering that I was never a Melanie fan. (Melanie was always a woman in search of a last name). Leslie’s song about Coney Island did lean heavily on Billy Joel. Leslie was a classy act, warm, endearing and soulful. Where else, but Acoustic Long Island could create this kind of venue for her?

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