Saturday, April 16, 2011

July 30, 2009 Will Knox

Will Knox brought his music to Deepwells last night. There was a driving metronomic syncopation to his music, each word clearly enunciated and each pause skillfully used for dramatic effect. Dave Dircks compared them to the Moody Blues, but Fairport Convention sans Sandy Denny was more evident. The songs were rich and layered, focusing on such themes as the rich heritage of immigrants coming to America, the majesty and terror of first visiting the megalopolis, New York City, loves labor lost, and mankind’s final record imprinted in the dust on the moon. His drummer, his base player and violinist added texture to each song. The violinist, in particular, imbued each song with a melancholic soulfulness that was haunting and doleful. Sometimes, I thought, lighten up, but we do live in dark times.

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