Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14 Barnaby Bright, Ernie Halter, Antigone Rising, Toby Walker

What a great night for Acoustic Long Island. The Seventh Annual Summer Concert was better than ever. The night kicked off with Barnaby Bright. Becky’s voice was pitch perfect and beautiful. Her husband Nathan’s guitar energetically soared as he beamed with an infectious smile that lived up to the group’s name. Ernie Halter followed with shades of Stevie Wonder with his soulful voice. Antigone Rising blew the doors off Deepwell’s Mansion. Nini Camps vocals made the band a true headliner that lifted the summer concert to another level.Cathy Henderson on lead guitar tore a page out of the Allman brothers. Toby Walker ended the night. Determined not to be outdone, he stepped to the edge of the stage and dazzled the audience with his fiery fingers and his irreverent songs. Toby may call himself a blues player, but he always leaves the audience awed and smiling. Thanks Dave Dircks and company.