Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 03, 2012 Katie Pearlman and Seth Glier

Last night Katie Pearlman and Seth Glier came to Acoustic Long Island. Katie while sincere with a quick smile and a generous heart, her songs were simply prose put to music. Each song was a story, but each story was told as if it were copied verbatim out of a journal. Dylan, Young, Mitchell are all wonderful story tellers because their stories transcend the literal and reach for the poetic, giving each song a resonance that far out weighs the story itself and thereforee speaks to a deeper truth. Katie should learn from them. Seth Glier brought Broadway to Deepwells. His voice, suitable for the stage, was clear and crisp. His songs were dynamic and exciting. His style was animated and brimming with emotion. Whether he was playing the guitar or the keyboard, his whole body communicated every note. Accompanied on the guitar by his close friend, the two were tightly wound together, sharing their mutual admiration through the back and forth voice of their instruments. Seth claims that in these desperate times, the audience is looking for someone to speak for them. If only we could speak like Seth. One song about “plastic soldiers,” portrayed the plight of a disabled idealistic soldier returning from war. This song demonstrated Seth’s willingness to risk everything to tell the right story, knowing that as he balanced on that emotional tightrope, he could easily fall flat. He soared instead. We’ll be hearing more from Seth Glier.