Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 27, 2009 Ari Hest

In the last concert of the summer series, Ari Hest came to Deepwells. In the typical hyperbolic style that symbolizes the Acoustic Long Island audience, Mr. Hest received a standing ovation that, while too soon in his career to be deserved, said more about the lure of Acoustic Long Island for young artists who flock to St. James to perform and who get a glimpse of what life could be like for them one day if only. Ari Hest, a surprisingly self-assured young artist, with a sense of humor, deft skills on the guitar, a voice with a rich timbre and range that effectively carried throughout each song, is an up and coming talent ready to burst on the music scene. Unlike other artists who are vying for a lucrative record contract and widespread exposure, he has turned his back on the industry in order to find his own road to public acclaim. His use of jazz chords, his clear crisp three finger picking and his rich voice that while comfortable in the lower octaves also soared into the higher ranges, all contributed to a memorable performance. His songs were inventive, varied, at times humorous, and demonstrated his good fortune in growing up in a musical family.  He will carry that tradition and wear that mantle proudly

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