Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 13, 2009 Jacqueline Stem

Jacqueline Stem arrived at Deepwells as a confused lost soul. What is Acoustic Long Island? Who is Dave Dircks? Why am I here? The past and present tense were equally elusive for Ms. Stem. Initially she appeared endearing and enigmatic as she struggled to speak to the audience in a cadence that was unfamiliar and halting. Eventually her manner became tiresome and off-putting. Her songs were intelligently written and revealed a person who was very different from the lost soul she presented to her audience. Two songs in particular, one about identity and our desire to be something other than we are, and another about things that will eventually happen, reveal an embryonic talent beneath that confused public persona. Sadly, all her songs melded into one long song with each song more or less a continuation of the one that preceded it.

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