Saturday, April 16, 2011

October 8, 2009 Princess Peapod and David Ray

Princess Peapod and David Ray came to Deepwells on the fourth anniversary of Acoustic Long Island. Princess Peapod, the singing husband and wife duo, Michele Frimmer and Dave Cook, performed an upbeat ethereal brand of folk music that was at times new age, always optimistic, sometimes nostalgic, but always grounded in the celebratory roots of folk music. Princess Peapod, who danced and cavorted around the stage, sang with the purity of one who is channeling the goodness of life. Prince Henpecked offered subtle harmonies as he riffed on his guitar in various finger picking styles and rhythms that added texture and fullness to their goodness and life homespun music.

David Ray captured the down and dirty, often gritty side of life in a performance that was often electrifying as he turned his guitar into a complex rhythm machine with his dynamic finger picking magic. His songs, fraught with double entendres, word plays, complex imagery and brash humor, focused on the women of the night who just like his music are both frightening and alluring. His voice, that was a blend of Tom Waits and Toby Walker, was bold and unabashed in his portrayals of the seedy side of life where nothing is clear, everything is tentative and people are living on the edge. Oh yeah. No wonder the audience cheered and jumped to their feet. The night was musical journey between heaven and hell. And the audience chose hell and “Just a little dynamite.”

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  1. Thanks and appreciation for the kind words. Hope to be back at Acoustic Long Island in the near future. Best, DR ;-}